Thread Lift

Do you want to improve the appearance of your face?

Improving the skin on your face and neck effectively, without a surgical procedure and with immediate results is already a reality: facelift threads or thread lift.

Thread-lift is an alternative method to achieve taut, natural and healthy-looking skin without going under the surgeon’s knife. It is not a new technique, though. In fact we have been using threads in our aesthetic medicine procedures for decades. What is new, and has brought about a revolution in facial rejuvenation, is that the facelift threads are completely reabsorbable and made from biological material.

What is a Thread Lift?

Thread lift consists of reabsorbable suture threads recommended for treating sagging skin. These threads are not smooth, they have teeth-like barbs or cogs and need to be fixed to the fat. It may sometimes be necessary to place an additional fixation stitch in an invisible area such as behind the hairline or ears. The thread lift can be made from propylene or polydioxanone.

What are Korean threads?

Korean threads are made of pure polydioxanone (PDO). They are placed at different levels using an introducer. There are various thread sizes and diameters. This class of thread is a new generation of lifting threads. Their principal function is to provide support and stimulate the natural process of collagen induction.

What is polydioxanone?

It is a material used for cardiac surgery and ophthalmology techniques. They are absorbable and biocompatible suture threads which promote cell cohesion.

What is a Thread Lift best suited for?

Among the benefits provided by facelift threads or Korean threads are:

• Hiding wrinkles around the eyes.
• Lifting the cheeks.
• Firming up the neck.
• Lifting the eyebrows.
• Improving a double chin.
• Touching up the wrinkles around the mouth.
• Firming up the contours of the face.
• Smoothing away forehead lines.
• Giving our face symmetry.

Do you still have any doubts?

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What our patients say

Laura Robert
Laura Robert
Maravillosa experiencia con la Doctora Salvador!!!
Loreto Giner
Loreto Giner
Estic encantada! Son els millors!
Alessandro Garrido Corchero
Alessandro Garrido Corchero
Muy profesionales. El trato es atento y cercano. Los resultados óptimos. He quedado muy satisfecho, los recomiendo totalmente.
Lanochka Lerina
Lanochka Lerina
Es la mejor clínica. Yo fue operado por el Dr. Benito. Durante mucho tiempo elegí una clínica y un médico, dudé. Pero tuve mucha suerte, ¡caí en manos de oro! Estoy muy contenta con el resultado inmejorable. El doctor es un especialista muy atento y elegante. Todo el personal de la clínica es muy agradable. ????????✨????
Muy buena clínica, la doctora Salvador explica todo de manera que sabes que estas en buenas manos.
iliane em
iliane em
Espectacular resultado gracias al dr.benito y a su equipo????
María Salustia
María Salustia
Hace más de 15 años que confío en el doctor Jesús Benito. Un gran cirujano y una persona encantadora. Gracias por todos los cuidados !!!!
Jlcortacans1970 Yo
Jlcortacans1970 Yo
Muy agradecido al Dr Benito por la confianza que se gana y que te ayuda a tomar decisiones. Muy satisfecho con su profesionalidad y los resultados. Y muy contento con su equipo por lo cómodo y fácil que te hacen todo.

Our specialists for this treatment

Jesús Benito Ruiz MD

He worked at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona where he worked as a specialist in Plastic Surgery and repaired for 16 years.

Fifteen years ago, together with two other professionals, he founded Antiaging Group Barcelona, at the forefront of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. He has developed professionally in the field of care, research and teaching, being his fields of interest facial surgery, breast surgery and body contouring with implants.

In breast surgery is a specialist in transaxillary breast augmentation and secondary breast surgery. He has introduced the use of ultrasound in Plastic Surgery and recently the use of 3D implants in thoracic malformations.

Dra Laura Salvador Miranda

She started in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery in 1999, creating the Aesthetic Medicine group of Antiaging Group Barcelona in 2004, and responsible for the Laser area since 2006.

She is currently professor of the Master of Aesthetic and Wellness Medicine at IFMiL (Institut de Formació Mèdica i Lideratge), with the collaboration of the University of Barcelona and the COMB (Colegio Oficial de Médicos de Barcelona).

She participates in different lines of research and scientific publications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Threads can solve 3 main problems: flaccidity, volume and facial architectural support.

They improve flaccidity by their mechanical effect of tightening the tissues where they are implanted, hence their lifting effect, although the result is never like a facelift.

Improves the volume because it repositions the facial fat compartments especially superficial fat compartments of the cheeks and jaw area.

It improves support because it creates a mesh with collagen formation around it that makes the dermis thicker and the facial ligamentous support points stronger. This is very noticeable especially in a type of threads that are coated with hyaluronic acid as they give more pulposity to the skin and loses the cracked appearance.

The treatment in the office lasts approximately 40-120 minutes depending on the areas to be treated and the threads to be used.

There will be some swelling for a few days but you can already see the beginning of the effect that will be maximum between one month and 6 months and then maintained for another 6-12 months thanks to the collagen that has been produced.

All treatments have their advantages and disadvantages, so each treatment proposal must be personalized according to the quality of the skin, the age, the areas to be improved and the effect we want to achieve. We cannot think of this treatment, and in fact none of them, as the solution to everything. Treatments must be combined to improve all layers. It is like a house that must have a sturdy foundation, an attractive facade and a comfortable interior, so must be our appearance. The advantage of the threads is that we can not have any effect of intravascular dissemination as can occur with fillers, nor the formation of granulomas. We can put threads in different areas and improve with a single session the look more clear, the cheeks more round, the area around the mouth more cheerful and the neck more tense.

It must be combined with other treatments. For example, when treating the eyebrows botulinum toxin must have been used before, when treating the cheeks it is important to see the quality of the skin to see if it is necessary to use the threads with hyaluronic acid, if we want to improve the periorbuccal area, the profiling of the lip filling of the mucosa and the corners of the mouth gives an excellent result. It is necessary to plan the timing of when to do the treatments so that the final result is better than desired because a stained face, no matter how tight it looks, is an insufficient result.

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