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Buttocks augmentation

Gluteal or buttocks augmentation is a plastic surgery technique in high demand in our clinic in Barcelona. We have various techniques available for remodelling the buttock area, some of these have been published and presented in scientific journals and international conferences. The choice of technique and application will be made together with the patient, according to their characteristics and requirements. This may include reducing the fat in that area, improving the outline, rejuvenating the tissues or even changing the shape.

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Buttock surgery approaches

Liposuction is the most commonly used technique for gluteal remodelling, as it allows us to sculpt the buttock shape by selective extraction of fat. Buttock enhancement  can be achieved in the central area of the buttocks by re-injecting the fat obtained from the liposuction. Fat grafting is a valuable tool to enhance the buttocks. Fat is placed in the subcutaneous tissue to avoid problems with fat embolism. This is the so-called BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift.

Radiofrequency is also a non-invasive technique that can be used to improve the outline and skin texture, especially in the buttocks and subgluteal area, between the buttocks and the upper leg.

On the other hand, there is a type of plastic surgery specifically oriented to increasing the buttocks with implants.


Buttocks augmentation with implants

Butt augmentation can be done for both men and women. Although the technique is the same, the aesthetic results sought by each sex will be different. Men will be hoping to improve the gluteus maximus muscle profile, so that their buttock appears more muscular. Women will be hoping to give their buttocks the most rounded shape possible, so liposuction and lipofilling are almost always combined with the placement of an implant.

The implant used contains cohesive silicone gel, and the resulting silicone implant has more resistance than the implant used for breast augmentation. This allows the support area to tolerate, without problems, the forces from the use of the large gluteus maximus muscle (walking, running jumping) and sitting. The prosthesis is placed inside the gluteal muscle so that it cannot be seen externally. The incision for gluteal augmentation is made in the crease between the buttocks, as low as possible so that it will be hidden. Butt implants are performed under general anaesthetic so that the muscle remains relaxed and we can insert the prosthesis easily. Drains are not usually needed.

The best result for butt enhancement is to use both, silicone implants and fat transfer. With implants we get projection and volume, and with lipofilling we get roundness and contour. Amazing results can be achieved by combining both techniques.

Post-op and recovery

The patient’s collaboration is very important in this type of surgery, so the wound remains stable and the prosthesis is not displaced or become asymmetric. Therefore you should behave according to certain rules during the weeks following the intervention.

1. The first two days will be spent in the clinic lying on your front.
2. You will then be able to get up, but for one week you should not sit down any more than is absolutely necessary, and when you do, you should do so in a way that does not compress the affected area.
3. You have to sleep on your stomach for a couple of weeks.
4. You must avoid any kind of physical exercise which would use the gluteal muscles for five or six weeks.

The prosthesis will not be rejected or become encapsulated. The risk of infection is low, although very scrupulous hygiene will be required until the stitches are removed. You will also need to take antibiotics for ten days after the intervention to minimise the risk of infections.

What you need to know…

The combination of techniques (liposuction, lipofilling, radiofrequency and prosthesis) can be used to modify and improve the shape of the buttock with results that we could not have hoped for a little while ago.

In women we usually combine liposuction from the lumbar, waist and thigh regions to model this area and to increase the buttock curves by prostheses implants. The fat obtained will be injected in the lower area, just above the gluteal crease, to round the buttock in that area. The prosthesis will fill the upper two thirds of the buttocks very well, but not the lower third. This prosthesis is sufficient for men, but women will need some additional lipofilling.

The patient with silicone gluteal implants should know and be warned not to have any intramuscular injections in the gluteal region as there is a risk of injecting the implant.

Finally, we need to point out that augmentation should never be performed with injections of liquid silicone. It is not the same as a prosthesis, which can be removed if there are complications or if the patient wishes; liquid silicone infiltrates the tissues and has a high rate of complications and is impossible to remove. We never use this procedure. Please contact renowned clinics with highly specialized surgeons.

Buttocks augmentation, for both men and women, is a very gratifying plastic surgery with relatively rapid recovery rates and spectacular results. Book an appointment and get your doubts answered.

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