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Lip fillers – lip augmentation

Is it possible, with lip fillers, to improve the look of thin or dehydrated lips?

The lips, along with the eyes, are the two impact zones of our face. They express, embellish and above all communicate. And that is why, the lip augmentation and lip reshaping with lip fillers is one of the first aesthetic medicine treatments that are performed especially on women, but also men. Lip enhancement is done not only to improve lip aging but on many occasions what we are looking for is a more sensual lip with more volume.

Achieving a natural result, plump and sensual lips, with lip fillers is one of the aesthetic medicine treatments that we carry out the most in our clinic in Barcelona.

We offer you a lip augmentation à la carte with the safest lip fillers in the market. Depending on personal preferences, we increase the volume of the lips, redefine the contour and also correct vertical wrinkles and wrinkles at the corners of the lips when necessary

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First of all, a little bit of anatomy.

The lip has its own structure, which allows us to work differently in each of its areas to achieve the effect we seek. The most outstanding anatomical references in the area of ​​the lips are the filtrum, the filtering columns, the Cupid’s arch, the vermilion and its edge.

Furthermore, although they are not part of the lip, we must consider two grooves. The nasogenian fold, between the nose and the cheeks and from the nose towards the corner of the mouth. And the mentolabial fold, between the lower lip and the chin (also called the “puppet or marionette line”). How deep these grooves are will also have an impact on the look of our face (sad, tired, angry).

We must not forget those vertical lines that form on the upper lip called “barcode”, which seem to be part of the aging of the area. The oral commissure is at the level of an imaginary line drawn from the inner part of the iris limbus. The most striking feature on the upper lip is the Cupid arch, which is located between the two filtering columns and is the curve that makes the vermilion line between them.

How is the aging of the lips and the perioral zone?

With aging we observe a deepening of the nasogenian and labiomental folds. They are more noticeable, they are more marked and deeper. Also with the passage of time, there is an atrophy of the volume of the lips and a thinning of the upper lip. The wrinkles in the upper part of the lip that we colloquially call “barcode” (more visible in smokers), and if they are on the sides we speak of “marionette’s fold ”.

Various studies have been carried out to evaluate the proportion of natural lips, and they conclude that the perfect proportion is one in which the lower lip is twice as thick as the upper lip, that is, the upper lip occupies 1 / 3 from the mouth and the bottom 2/3. Another factor to take into account when we talk about lips is not to forget the shape and volume of our chin, since like the grooves on the face, the chin also plays an important role. So, apart from the most academic canons of beauty, the really important thing is to look for the harmony and beauty of our own lip. And giving you that sensual lip of your wish.

Do you have thin lips or do you want to remove the wrinkles?

Although with the passage of time as we have explained before, it is normal for both things to occur. That is, the thinning of the lips plus wrinkles in the corners, mustache and lateral area. Many women have thinner lips as their own feature and they would like to have a little more volume to balance the features and make them less severe. Other women have a good volume but want to maintain it and also eliminate wrinkles. There are aesthetic medical treatments specially designed for both situations and sometimes we need combination of fillers and laser resurfacing.

Has my original lip any influence in the final result?

Not all lips are created equal. We can have the lip with different volume, thin or thick, different size, big or small and also with a different shape. There are very straight lips and others that define very well the anatomical structures that we have previously discussed. To achieve a natural result, we must take into account the previous structure of our lip that will determine what treatment we must perform and how much volume we can provide.

How is the lip augmentation?

Injection of  lip fillers is simple, it can be done with topical (cream) or local anesthesia. The method is carried out gradually and you can immediately check the result, thus being able to assess whether you want more volume in the area. After about 10 days a touch up can be done.

Which filler do we use?

Hyaluronic acid is our preferred lip filler. It is a very safe material, with very rare complications and that offers excellent results. We have different types of hyaluronic acid that allow us to work differently with lip profiling or volume. These hyaluronics have evolved, improving their characteristics with respect to those that were used years ago, allowing volume on the lip, maintaining elasticity and expression without it being evident that we carry a filler. Naturalness and harmony is the objective of our treatment.


Treatment of the cutaneous-mucous line of the upper lip defines profiling and increases its projection. We can also inject into the filter columns, to provide more definition to that area. To obtain volume we work in the submucosa of the vermilion, applying different techniques depending on the type of lip we have and the result we want. If we have vertical lines we can also treat them with hyaluronic acid, we really like the blanching technique, which improves wrinkles without adding volume..

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