Mommy Makeover Surgery in Barcelona

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What is a Mommy Makeover?

At Antiaging Group Barcelona, we specialize in postpartum body rejuvenation through plastic surgery procedures known as the Mommy Makeover. This surgery typically encompasses a number of procedures, to address the unique needs that arise after pregnancy and childbirth. 

What truly defines a mommy surgery is its comprehensive approach, addressing the core areas affected by pregnancy and childbirth. It involves a strategic combination of procedures, each with specific targets:

  • Repairing the abdominal wall and repairing the diastasis recti, reestablishing abdominal integrity (so called tummy tuck)
  • Removes excess fat and skin flacidity from the abdomen
  • Enhancing breast volume and elevation, if necessary

The process is streamlined into a single surgical session involving:

  • Duration: A timeframe of roughly 180 – 240 minutes.
  • Anesthesia: Administered generally for comfort and safety.
  • Hospital Stay: A brief 2-night stay.
  • Recovery: Typically you can resume work in 1-2 weeks, with specific guidelines for enhanced recovery.
  • Final Results: Around 4 to 6 months after operation.

This unified procedure minimizes overall recovery time and maximizes the transformative results, all while ensuring the highest standards of safety and patient care at Antiaging Group Barcelona. If you have more questions about what a mommy makeover consists of, feel free to write us.

The Benefits of a Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover is designed to reinstate the firmness of the abdominal area, a balanced body and recovery of the breast and, when needed, return to a suitable body weight. This transformative procedure holistically combines abdominoplasty with mammoplasty, which can encompass breast augmentation, lifting (mastopexy), or reduction. The final goal is not just to a reshaped figure, but to an enhanced self-image and quality of life, tailored to your individual needs and aesthetic goals.

A Mother Makeover surgery can significantly improve your quality of life with benefits that go beyond aesthetic changes. Here are key advantages:

  • Restores the abdominal integrity lost post-pregnancy.
  • Helps achieve a well-proportioned body weight.
  • Combines abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and mammoplasty (mommy tuck) for comprehensive enhancement.
  • Tailors surgery to individual needs, whether it’s breast augmentation, lift, or reduction.
  • Offers a boost in self-esteem as you reclaim your body’s pre-pregnancy contours.
  • Improves comfort and physical health, addressing issues like back pain due to muscle separation.

Each benefit is a step toward reclaiming not just your pre-baby body, but also a sense of self and well-being.

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Mommy Makeover Procedures at Antiaging Group Barcelona

At Antiaging Group Barcelona, the journey to rejuvenate postpartum bodies through the mom makeover is tailored with precision and care. Recognizing that each woman’s body and goals are unique, the initial step is a comprehensive evaluation of physical health, body composition, and personal aesthetic desires. This assessment informs the creation of a customized treatment plan that mmo surgery includes, such as:

  • Breast Enhancement

    Tailored procedures such as augmentation, lift, or reduction to bring symmetry and youthful contour.
  • Tummy Tuck

    A strategic procedure that tightens weakened abdominal muscles and removes excess skin.
  • Liposuction

    Targeted fat reduction to contour and refine the body’s shape, enhancing the natural figure.
  • Advanced Abdominal Toning

    Combining the cutting-edge ArgoPlasma technology with Radiofrequency Accent Prime® for a non-invasive approach to strengthen the abdominal area, these technologies synergize to improve postpartum muscle laxity and skin tone..
  • Localized Fat Reduction

    Techniques like intralipotherapy, mesoterapia, and ultrasound could be also employed to selectively target and reduce fat cells, often yielding visible volume loss from the first session.
  • Additional Aesthetic Treatments

    Further non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments that complement the overall effect, ensuring a holistic transformation.

Treatment can commence as early as 2 to 4 months postpartum, tailored to each woman’s specific circumstances, such as breastfeeding status and overall health, in consultation with our team of experts. The mommy makeover surgery is not just a series of procedures; it’s a pathway to empowerment and renewed self-confidence, mom makeover includes a comprehensive approach tailored for each individual.

Why Choose Antiaging Group Barcelona for Your Transformation?

Choosing AGC clinic for your mother makeover surgery is about selecting a partner dedicated to excellence. Led by the well known Dr. Jesús Benito Ruiz, an authority in plastic surgery, the clinic is synonymous with innovative and effective treatments. With state-of-the-art technology, a commitment to the latest research, and a team of specialists renowned for their expertise, our clinic assures personalized care, safety, and outstanding results, fulfilling the promise of physical and mental well-being aligned with the WHO’s definition of health.

Patient Testimonials

Hearing from those who’ve walked the path of transformation can deeply inspire and offer real insight into the journey. Our “Real Stories” section showcases the experiences of individuals who chose Antiaging Group Barcelona for their Mommy Makeover. These testimonials are not just stories; they’re windows into personal journeys of empowerment, beauty rediscovery, and life-changing results, providing you with the reassurance and confidence to take the first step towards your own transformation.

Laura Robert
Laura Robert
Maravillosa experiencia con la Doctora Salvador!!!
Loreto Giner
Loreto Giner
Estic encantada! Son els millors!
Alessandro Garrido Corchero
Alessandro Garrido Corchero
Muy profesionales. El trato es atento y cercano. Los resultados óptimos. He quedado muy satisfecho, los recomiendo totalmente.
Lanochka Lerina
Lanochka Lerina
Es la mejor clínica. Yo fue operado por el Dr. Benito. Durante mucho tiempo elegí una clínica y un médico, dudé. Pero tuve mucha suerte, ¡caí en manos de oro! Estoy muy contenta con el resultado inmejorable. El doctor es un especialista muy atento y elegante. Todo el personal de la clínica es muy agradable. ????????✨????
Muy buena clínica, la doctora Salvador explica todo de manera que sabes que estas en buenas manos.
iliane em
iliane em
Espectacular resultado gracias al dr.benito y a su equipo????
María Salustia
María Salustia
Hace más de 15 años que confío en el doctor Jesús Benito. Un gran cirujano y una persona encantadora. Gracias por todos los cuidados !!!!
Jlcortacans1970 Yo
Jlcortacans1970 Yo
Muy agradecido al Dr Benito por la confianza que se gana y que te ayuda a tomar decisiones. Muy satisfecho con su profesionalidad y los resultados. Y muy contento con su equipo por lo cómodo y fácil que te hacen todo.

Real Results from Our Patients

Our before and after photo gallery serves as a testament to the effective and transformative results of the Mommy Makeover Surgery we perform in Barcelona, offering a glimpse of the personalized results achieved for each patient.

Before After
Before After

Our specialists for this treatment

Dr. Jesús Benito Ruiz

He worked at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona as a specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for 16 years.

Fifteen years ago, together with two other professionals, he founded Antiaging Group Barcelona, at the forefront of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. He has developed professionally in the field of care, research and teaching, being his fields of interest facial surgery, breast surgery and body contouring with implants. 

In breast surgery he is a specialist in transaxillary breast augmentation and secondary breast surgery. He has introduced the use of ultrasound in Plastic Surgery and recently the use of 3D implants in thoracic malformations.

Dr. Guillermo Rodriguez

University Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, having completed his training at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona.

He has worked in hospitals in the United Kingdom and Zaragoza and is currently part of the Breast Unit of the Plastic Surgery Service of the Hospital de Bellvitge in Barcelona.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Mommy Makeover

Regaining your figure after childbirth is a gradual process and cannot be done instantly. It is recommended to wait at least six weeks before beginning any type of exercise. Start slowly with activities such as walking and kegel exercises and then gradually increase the intensity and frequency of exercise.

Abdominal flab after childbirth is mainly due to stretching of the skin and muscles during pregnancy. Exercise can help strengthen the abdominal muscles, but in some cases, cosmetic surgery, such as abdominoplasty, may be necessary to remove the flab and improve the appearance of the abdomen.

The mommy surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure that focuses on the recovery of a woman’s body after pregnancy and childbirth. The procedure combines different plastic surgery techniques to improve the appearance of the abdomen, breasts and other areas of the body that may have been affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding.

A mom makeover surgery typically includes a customized selection of procedures such as breast augmentation, lift or reduction, tummy tuck, liposuction, advanced abdominal toning with cutting-edge technology, localized fat reduction, and additional aesthetic treatments to enhance the natural figure. This comprehensive approach is tailored to each woman’s needs and can begin 2 to 4 months postpartum, focusing on holistic transformation and renewed self-confidence.

The length of a Mommy Makeover surgery can vary depending on each patient’s needs and goals. Generally, the procedure can last between four and six hours, depending on the techniques used and the extent of the surgery.

Women who have had children and wish to improve the appearance of their body after pregnancy and breastfeeding are ideal candidates for a mommy makeover surgery.

Resuming your exercise routine post-Mommy Makeover varies by individual but generally, light activities can be started 4 to 6 weeks after surgery, gradually increasing intensity with your surgeon’s approval.

Postoperative care includes adequate rest, wearing compression garments to reduce swelling, following pain management guidelines, and attending follow-up appointments to monitor recovery.

It is recommended to complete your family planning before undergoing a mommy make over, as future pregnancies can alter the results of the procedure.

Like any surgery, it includes risks such as infection, bleeding, scarring, and reactions to anesthesia. Choosing a qualified surgeon significantly minimizes these risks.

While some mommy makeover surgery procedures can improve the appearance of stretch marks, especially those on areas of skin that are removed, not all stretch marks can be completely eliminated.

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