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Laser rejuvenation – Laser resurfacing

The passage of time along with certain lifestyle habits, external agents and UVA rays cause the skin to age and lose density and firmness. And is that skin aging is a process with multiple causes that give rise to signs such as wrinkles, blemishes, small veins and open pores. The application of laser rejuvenation offers one of the best anti-aging results for the skin of the face, neck, cleavage and hands

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The aplication of laser techniques to rejuvenate and refreshen the skin

Laser rejuvenation is a great technology for antiaging as it offers excellent results for skin rejuvenation.

Thanks to advances in technology, visible signs of age and photoaging can be treated. Today aesthetic medicine uses laser technology to alleviate the damage that the sun has caused to the skin, and restore a younger and healthier appearance. The different laser systems are today an excellent aesthetic solution applied in facial rejuvenation treatments, but also in other areas of the body such as the hands, whose skin suffers the same problems

Which are the main benefits of laser treatments on the skin?

  1. Helps to unify skin tone, texture and to correct uneveness
  2. It allows to remove brown and red sun spots.
  3. It is ideal for reducing the size of skin pores.
  4. It provides greater luminosity to the treated area.
  5. Assists in the production of more collagen fibers.

How is the rejuvenation by laser?

The different laser systems applied to the oldest skin of the face, neck, cleavage and hands will be determined according to a treatment plan that adjusts to the needs of each patient. Therefore, they will be chosen based on their most remarkable benefits, determining the necessary sessions that are usually between 3 to 6.

On the areas to be treated, the laser resurfacing acts as a peeling removing the epidermis and superficial dermis. We can treat an entire area such as the face, or in specific areas. The laser enters the skin in a controlled way causing a sensation of heat. This treatment usually requires the application of local anesthesia and the result is new, healthier and softer tissue, free from the imperfections caused by the sun and age.

In some areas such as around the eyes and mouth, laser resurfacing has to be combined with botox and/or dermal fillers.

Laser is as well a very good complement to face lift and blepharoplasty. Face lift reposition and volumize the face and laser resurfacing improves the quality and thickness of the skin.

Which kind of lasers we have to rejuvenate the skin?

Today the different lasers can help to improve the appearance of the skin by removing wrinkles and blemishes. These are the different laser technologies that we can combine, depending on the needs of each case. They will help us to combat the different signs of aging that appear on the skin of the face, neck, cleavage and hands

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) AFT™.

Intense Pulsed Light is the ideal system for non-ablative skin rejuvenation. It is a high intensity light source that allows us to:

  • unify skin tone
  • reduce pore size or roughness
  • eliminate stains
  • small capillaries and redness
  • to treat small wrinkles on the face.

The IPL  energy will act on the deepest layers of the skin, which will help stimulate the production of collagen and improve skin tone and texture. In short, this pulsed light is excellent for achieving general skin improvement


This is a non-ablative fractional ND-Yag laser  that allows us to apply a high-intensity Q-Switched laser. It is useful for blemishes and skin aging (wrinkles, fine lines, photo-damaged skin, tone and texture, sagging of the skin, etc.). It can be used safely and effectively, even in areas such as the neck and cleavage. It works in the dermis and respects the epidermis (superficial layer of the skin), allowing a regeneration of collagen.

This painless treatment with an excellent downtime only requires four sessions, generally. In addition, the application of anesthesia is not necessary and it is a safe procedure for all phototypes (I-VI), at any time of the year.

Infrared Emission Laser.

This type of laser allows a remodeling of the collagen in our tissues, which improves sagging skin. Through thermal impact on the epidermis and dermis, treatment with this infrared emission laser induces a natural repair process, reshaping the tissues.

In short, this procedure improves the presence of new and more organized collagen, helping to rejuvenate the skin. In addition, it is a non-ablative laser, so it does not produce scabs or wounds.

Pixel Pro Erbium-Yag 2940.

For more damaged or deeper wrinkled skin we recommend laser resufacing with Pixel Pro. It is  a pixelated ablative laser that allows the improvement of skin tone and texture, the elimination of fine wrinkles (such as that of the upper lip or lower eyelid), the treatment of marks of acne, improvement of scars and elimination of seborrheic keratoses.

Unlike the usual ablative treatments, the laser skin resurfacing with fractional method creates pixel-sized micro-perforations and leaves the surrounding tissue intact, which shortens the recovery time after treatment.

How is the post-treatment care?

Keep in mind that after a laser treatment, new skin is more delicate. Prolonged sun exposure is not recommended, and a high-factor sunscreen such as SPF50 + should be used while it lasts. Care should also be taken when cleaning the skin, for which it is recommended to follow the advice of the specialist regarding subsequent cosmetic care. After treatment, rejuvenation of the skin or other treated skin will be evident after about 4 months, after the necessary process of skin healing and regeneration

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