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Breast reduction

Breast reduction (or ‘reductive mammoplasty’) is a cosmetic surgery for women wanting to reduce their breasts so that they are in proportion with the rest of the body.

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Am I a good candidate for breast reduction?

You may be a good candidate for a breast reduction if you have one or more of the following conditions:

  • Too large breasts in proportion to your body contour.
  • Heavy, pendulous breasts with nipples and areolas that point downward.
  • One of your breasts is much larger than the other.
  • Back, neck or shoulder pain caused by the weight of your breasts.
  • Skin irritation beneath your breasts.
  • Indentations in your shoulders from tight bra straps.
  • Restriction of physical activity due to the size and weight of your breasts.
  • Unsatisfaction or self-consciousness about the largeness of your breasts.

What’s the best age to undergo a breast reduction?

Breast reduction can be performed at any age, but usually we recommend waiting until breast development has stopped. Childbirth and breast-feeding may have significant and unpredictable effects on the size and shape of your breasts. Nevertheless, many women decide to undergo breast reduction before having children and feel that they can address any subsequent changes later. If you plan to breast-feed in the future, you should discuss this with us. During the consultation, you will be asked about your desired breast size as well as anything else about your breasts that you would like to see improved.

What’s the breast reduction surgery about?

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and needs 1-2 days in the clinic. Individual factors and personal preferences will determine the specific technique selected to reduce the size of your breasts. The commonest method of reducing the breasts what we are doing actually is the “inverted T” technique. This leaves a scar around the areola and vertical from this down to the inframammary crease and at the inframammary crease.  Liposuction may be recommended in case there’s a need to improve the contour under the arm. During consultation with Dr. Benito, he’ll explain all technique details carefully and thoroughly, as well as other considerations and risks associated to any surgery.

The most important issue with this surgery is NOT TO SMOKE, as it can jeopardize the vascular supply to the nipple.

When will I see the results of my breast reduction?

After breast reduction surgery, it is often possible to return to work within just a couple of weeks, depending on your job. In many instances, you can resume most of your normal activities, including some form of mild physical activity, after several weeks. You may continue to experience some mild, periodic discomfort during this time, but it’s normal. It will subside during time.

Breast reduction surgery will make your breasts smaller and firmer. Without the excessive weight of large breasts, our patients from abroad report us that they find greater enjoyment in playing sports and engaging in physical activity. The incisions from your breast reduction surgery will heal and fade over time. It is important to realize, however, that the incision lines will be permanently visible, more so in some individuals than others. Fortunately, the incisions for breast reduction are in locations easily concealed by clothing, even low-cut necklines. Breast reduction often makes a dramatic change in your appearance. For this reason, it may take some time to adjust to your new body image. Most women, however, eventually become comfortable with their smaller breasts and feel very pleased with the results of surgery. In fact, the level of patient satisfaction resulting from breast reduction is among the highest of any plastic surgery procedure. Your satisfaction with a breast reduction is likely to be greater if you understand the procedure thoroughly and if your expectations are realistic.

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