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Jesús Benito Ruiz

Jesús Benito Ruiz MD, PhD

Jesús Benito Ruiz MD, PhD

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.


Director of Antiaging Group Barcelona, Dr. Jesús Benito is a surgeon of recognized prestige; He has been President of AECEP in years 2018-2019 and Vice President of Aesthetic Surgery of SECPRE between 2015-2018. A pioneer in various surgical techniques, he has received awards and published in prestigious publications.

Director of Antiaging Group Barcelona. He studied Medicine and Surgery at the University of Valencia, finishing as Bachelor with Outstanding in 1987. Extraordinary Medical Degree Award. From 1988 to 1993 he trained as a Specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Hospital “La Fe” in Valencia.

In 1994 he moved to Barcelona to join the Plastic Surgery Service of the Hospital Clínic Universitario de Barcelona, ​​where he was a Senior Specialist until 2010, to later dedicate himself entirely to his Antiaging Group Barcelona project.

He has been president of the Spanish Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (AECEP) and is currently National Secretary of ISAPS Spain (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).

He is a member of various scientific societies, highlighting the Spanish Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SECPRE), the Spanish Association for Plastic Aesthetic Surgery (AECEP); the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), the American Society of Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) and the International Federation of Adipose Therapeutics and Science (IFATS) . His biography has been collected since 1999 in “Who’s Who in the World”, “Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare” and Wikipedia.

He has been invited as a speaker at various national and international congresses, recently highlighting the presentation of his experience in buttock augmentation, transaxillary breast augmentation and male cosmetic surgery (breast augmentation, gynecomastia) in Geneva at the SICAAMS (International Symposium on Aesthetic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine) in April 2012. In June 2012 he was representative for Spain in the “Voice of Europe” section of the annual congress of EASAPS (European Association of Societies for Plastic Aesthetic Surgery) presenting the theme of “Surgery of the limb contour with implants »

It should be noted in his professional biography:

  • Premio Extraordinario de Licenciatura.
  • Académico Correspondiente de la Real Academia de Medicina de Valencia.
  • Doctor en Medicina y Cirugía «cum laude».
  • Premio «Gómez Ferrer Navarro» de Cirugía 1987.
  • Premio McGhan a la mejor comunicación de cirugía mamaria 2003 por la presentación del trabajo «Aumento mamario subfascial transaxilar» (2003)
  • Vocal de las Juntas Directivas de la Sociedad Española de Cirugía Plástica en los bienios 1992-1993 y 1999-2000.
  • Miembro fundador del Patronato de la Fundación Docente de la Sociedad Española de Cirugía Plástica, Reparadora y Estética (SECPRE) y de la Sociedad Española de Trasplante de Grasa (SETGRA).
  • Director del curso de Medicina Envejecimiento en Santiago de Chile, dentro del XII Congreso de la Sociedad Chilena de Cirugía Plástica (9 de octubre de 2011).
  • Ponente internacional en el Curso de Ginecomastia en Santiago de Chile, organizado por el Dr. Arturo Prado (13 de octubre de 2011).
  • Vicepresidente Electo de la Asociación Española de Cirugía Estética y Plástica (AECEP) bienio 2012-2013.
  • Director del III Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Trasplante de Grasa (SETGRA).
  • Ponente Internacional en el IV Congreso de Cirugía Regenerativa en Diciembre del 2012, Roma.
  • Medalla de Oro del Forum Europa 2001 por su trayectoria profesional, concedido en enero del 2013.
  • Vicepresidente de Cirugía Estética de la Sociedad Española de Cirugía Plástica, Reparadora y Estética (SECPRE) durante el cuatrienio del 2014-2018.
  • Presidente de la Asociación de Cirugía Estética y Plástica (AECEP) durante el bienio del 2018-2019.
  • National Secretary en la International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery España (ISAPS) durante el cuatrienio del 2017-2021.

He has also developed an intense investigative work, having to his credit 36 publications in national and foreign scientific magazines. Dr. Jesús Benito has participated in 2 research projects at the Carlos III Institute, being a principal investigator in one of them and has been a principal investigator in four phase III clinical trials.

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