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Hips augmentation

What is a hip augmentation?

Hips augmentation has become in high demand in our clinic in Barcelona. The goal is to enhance the width of the pelvis, between the waist and the hip. The new standards of beauty include a wide, curvilinous and sexy pelvis. We can do that by using fat o with implants.

Dr Benito-Ruiz is credited for the first published technique for hip augmentation 14 years ago (Benito-Ruiz J, Fontdevila J, Manzano M, Serra-Renom JM. Hip and buttock implants to enhance the feminine contour for patients with HIV. Aesthetic Plast Surg. 2006 Jan-Feb;30(1):98-103; Benito-Ruiz J. “Buttock and hip enhancement with implants”. En: Cosmetic Surgery. Art and Techniques Shiffman, Melvin A.; Di Giuseppe, Alberto (Eds.) 2013, 2013, XV, 1192 p. 86 illus.). Since then we have been improving our technique.

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How does Hip augmentation work?

Liposuction and lipofilling is the most commonly used technique for gluteal remodelling, as it allows us to sculpt the  shape by selective extraction and grafting of fat. The fat is injected in the subcutaneous tissue to increase the thickness and the curve of the lateral aspect of the pelvis. The main disadvantage of the fat is that does not give projection. It is very good to get a natural result and to change the shape, but for a mild augmentation.

Hips augmentation with implants

Hip augmentation with implants is the best way to provide a real increase of the width of pelvis and hips.  It is indicated in:

  • Women that have a masculine, straight look
  • Women who lost the fat due to medications or diseases (such as HIV)
  • Transgender surgery (man to woman)

The technique has been modified in these years. In the beginning we placed the implants under the tensor of fascia lata muscle, to avoid displacement of the implant. We used oval buttock implants. The main problem is that the fascia is very thick and tough and the implant does not give as much projection as it would be on the muscle. On the other hand, the available space for the implant under the muscle (the pocket) is really small.

If a silicone smooth implant is placed on the muscle, it moves. This hip is used at all times (sitting, walking, running) so the implant descends or flips because of the movement.

To overcome both problems we have designed a new implant (silicone cohesive, oval shaped) with microthane surface, which can be placed on the muscle. There is not rippling and no movement of the implant. The projection we can get is 2.5 cm. In most of cases we combine with fat, to increase a little bit more the thickness of the tissue and to disguise the boundaries of the implant.

The scar is placed at the iliac crest level, and it is easily hidden with the lingerie and bikini.

Post-op and recovery

The patient’s collaboration is very important in this type of surgery, so the wound remains stable and the prosthesis is not displaced or become asymmetric. Therefore you should behave according to certain rules during the weeks following the intervention.

1. The first two days will be spent in the clinic lying on your front or back.
2. You will then be able to get up, but for one week you should not sit down any more than is absolutely necessary, and when you do, you should do so in a way that does not compress the affected area.
3. You cannot sleep on your sides for 6 weeks
4. You must avoid any kind of physical exercise which would use the gluteal muscles for five or six weeks.

After these 6 weeks you can resume all your activities. So far we have not had any capsular contracture or infection.

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