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10 Tips to prepare for Botox

In the ranking of less invasive aesthetic medicine treatmentsBotox still takes the gold medal along with hyaluronic acid facial fillers.

Botox facial treatments

We know that over the years the appearance of wrinkles becomes a concern for many. For this reason, and because we know that you ask yourself many questions about botulinum toxin type A we thought it important to talk about the 10 basic warnings before undergoing a botox treatment. Botox is a trade name for botulinum toxin type A. It is a biological drug suitable for injection under the skin, intended to relax muscles and eliminate facial expression wrinkles.It is used to relax or paralyze the muscle over a specific duration. Its objective can be aesthetic or therapeutic. In aesthetic medicine it is used to eliminate wrinkles between the eyebrows, upper front and the famous crow’s feet.

Although it is now a well-known treatment, it has not always had a good reputation. Even today, there are still many people who doubt its effectiveness or wonder how it really works. Today, we will answer these questions.

1. Put yourself in the hands of specialists

Currently there are three commercial types of Botulinum Toxin Type A: Vistabel, Azzalure and Bocouture. The characteristics of all three are very similar.

The result will depend on the physician skills, his injection technique and the patient’s facial musculature.

You should keep these things in mind when going to a professional. Make sure it is an accredited doctor and that he/she has experience in aesthetic facial medicine

botox tips

2. Ask everything you need in the first consultation

It is recommended that in the first consultation you resolve all your doubts with the doctor who will attend you before undergoing this treatment.

This is not the time to get scared and go home without really knowing what is going to be done to you. Take your questions written down beforehand: how much the treatment will cost, which areas will be treated, how long the treatment will last or even what the side effects could be.

3. To know after applying botox

After you have undergone the treatment the doctor will give you a series of recommendations.

Among the recommendations you will be expressly forbidden to:

    • Massaging the treated area in the following 24 hours
    • Going to saunas or swimming pools.
    • Consume large amounts of alcohol.
    • Lie down on a bed.
    • Lying down in the hours following treatment.
    • Doing any type of physical activity, especially with movements that involve moving the head downwards (yoga…)
    • Washing your hair in the day of the treatment.
    • Wash your hair with your head downwards in the hours following the treatment.

4. Make sure Botox is the treatment you need

In the first consultation the doctor will observe and inspect your face, and with this he/she will be able to tell you if you really need it.

For example, in the case of deeper wrinkles, the complementary treatment of botox will be a filler in that area. In this way you will be able to reconstruct the lost volume in that area.

5. Don’t hide any details to your doctor

Don’t hide anything about your medical history. Inform your doctor if this is the first time you are undergoing Botox treatment and any other details that may be relevant.

Please note that botulinum toxin is contraindicated in cases of neuromuscular disease, egg allergy or pregnancy.

6. Precautions before botox injection

To ensure that the toxin penetrates well into the tissues it is important to take a series of precautions a few days before botox injections:

  • You cannot take any type of medication that affects coagulation (aspirin). If you are taking it, DO NOT FORGET to tell your doctor about it.
  • It is also not recommended the use of antiaggregants or the intake of alchol.
  • It is recommended not to take nutritional supplements that affect coagulation such as vitamin E or garlic. You will avoid the appearance of bruises.

7. Be realistic

Botox will remove your wrinkles for a few months but be very realistic about the effect you want to achieve. Be very honest about the facial areas you want to touch up with your doctor. Do not skimp on the details and be sure to clearly communicate the image you hope to achieve.

At your first consultation the doctor will advise you and explain what the results will be. Some patients come with high expectations. It is our job to offer a realistic view of the result they can achieve.

8. It will last a few months…

A botox treatment is not for life.

Its effects can last 3-4 months, and in approximately 5 or 6 months they will disappear. After this time the treatment can be repeated.

Ask the clinic if they have a facial maintenance plan in the purest “flat rate” style, so you can find the best combination to be perfect all year round.

9. Unwanted effects

Headache is not uncommon, consult your doctor if you usually suffer from it.

In some cases in the crow’s feet treatment with botox there may be a small retention of fluid in the lower eyelid in those who have marked bags. This is a temporary effect that can be avoided by limiting the application of the product in that area.

The brow tail lift produces a very similar effect to the lifting frontal lift that women generally like. Men on the other hand do not like it as much (it feminizes the expression). To counteract this reaction, toxin can be injected above the eyebrow.

When it comes to forehead wrinkles, there is a 1% chance that the upper eyelids will droop slightly. This occurs in cases where the frontalis muscle is heavy.

The unwanted effects are rare, but let yourself be advised by a good professional and always discuss with him those aspects of the treatment or side effects that you might have, as many of them have a solution.

10. Whoever tries it, repeats

Botox has become an object of desire. The elixir of youth. Like many things that produce aesthetic enhancement, benefits and satisfaction it can become hooked.

In fact, the vast majority of people who try it, are so satisfied that they repeat. As all things if we make an indiscriminate and unmeasured use of this elixir the consequences can be strange and unnatural faces, such as famous faces like that of Nicole Kidman, Marcia Cross or Meg Ryan. We observe expressionless dolls that have abused this treatment.

Other celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt or David Beckham look smooth faces without losing the natural sense.

Its correct application is very safe and within the aesthetic opens a range of possibilities.

And you, did you know the best kept secret of our celebrities? Have you tried it yet?

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